About Us

HI! My name is PJ! Here at Pj’s Parties-n-Foods you will find inspiration for creative party themes, decorations, recipes and more. Most of my posts are geared towards making everyday moments shine or to make that special day for someone and to give great ideas for the host.

Having great “ingredients” for your parties which are Style, Imaginative detail and of course Whimsy, will add those consistent elements throughout both work that I produce and featured content that I am trying to share.

While I am not an event planner, I do enjoy taking on special events for family and friends here and there. I hope to bring creative content to help with your special event planning and provide great ideas to spark your creativity along with tasty recipes.

Creating stand-out moments takes effort, but the number one important rule is making them fun and doable. So with a little creative thinking and DIY, I want this site to provide ways to get your “Party Started.”